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A Paradise for Foodies & Nature Lovers

Fun...Surprises...await you
Between...Sunflowers...Vines & Melons
in Poitou-Charentes
Wines, Troussepinette, Cognac

Fresh Sauvignon or Red Gamay from the Haut Poitou are 2 delicious regional wines, complemented by a delightful sparkling Rosé to savour on a sunny hot day.
Wine tastings can be arranged at the Coirier Vineyard near Fonthenay Le Conte.
The  Pineau des Charentes red or white Aperitif is a local Happy hour drink made with grapes juice infused in Cognac, a highly rated by the Marais folks.
The iconic vineyards of the Bordeaux region are 2 hours from Coulon. A visit to St Emilion the world famous wine centre makes an enjoyable day out.

Delicacies of the Region

Home of the Chabichou Goat Cheeses and Charentais Melons follow their trail through the Poitou Charentes markets !
The Farci Poitevin,
a cold vegetarian Paté was part of the staple diet, a healthy starter offered in most restaurants.

Mojettes "white harricot beans" grown in the Marais, cooked with garlicnd fresh herbs served with roast ham is much fêted by the locals.  Fresh Sea food, oysters and crab are available on most menus

The Tourteau Fromager, a cannon ball shaped cheese cake with a crispy ‘black top’, and colourful Macaroons are the top sweet recipes in the patisseries.

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