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Canoeing, Cycling, Swimming ..

Lush Evergreen Marshland !
The Marais Poitevin is a paradise for nature lovers.
Its Ornithological park is hidden by peaceful waterways.

Good Cycling and walking tracks !
Crossed by canoeists paddling along the tree lined streams and cowfields.

Wild Isolated Atlantic Islands !
Escape to the beautiful islands of Ré and Oléron.
connected by bridges to La ROCHELLE and ROCHEFORT.

Seafood Platters, Ice Cream Parlours !
Chatelaillon Plage is the posh resort for all the family. 
Miles of fine sandy beaches and lots of surfing.  

Summer Events

April -June... Discover the glory of a warm Spring…
OLERON ISLAND...Storks fly in and nest on the pylons of the marshes near the Marenne oyster beds.
COULON MARATHON ... 13-14th June...Join the pasta Party before the run through the peaceful greenery of the Marais Poitevin. www.maraisthon.com 

July -September...Bring your sun cream it is hot and sunny...                                 PARTHENAY... 4th - 11th July...The medieval town is alive with every sport or game imaginable played in the streets or under canvas.
LA ROCHELLE... 11 -18 th July... The Franco Follies POP Music Festival and street artists liven up the old port.

The vegetarian Ragondins

SPOT HIM IF YOU CAN. Every visitor to the Marais Poitevin is on the lookout for the famous Ragondins. If you go running in the marshes before breakfast or in the early evening, and keep very quiet, you are sure to see this FURRY HERBIVORE with BIG TEETH. You may even come across a family group of RAGONDINS enjoying the warm morning sun and making their way down to the water. His only predator is the ALLIGATOR. Fortunately for us and them none have yet been SPOTTED.

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